CRED Review 2021: Get Rewards on Paying Credit Card Bills in India

CRED is the only app in India through which you can earn reward points by paying your credit card bills.

Paytm launched credit card payment facility last year but that was limited only to a few cards. While you can pay the credit card bills of any bank through CRED app.

Major benefits of CRED App

#1. Credit Card Payments

You can add all of your credit cards in the app, track the payment due dates and pay the bills directly from the app.

For payments, you can use the debit card, net banking or UPI apps.

The whole process of payments is very swift and smooth.

#2. Cashback on Paying Bills

You would earn cashback on every transaction. You would see the option to #killthebill just after making a payment of more than Rs. 1000.

This works like a scratch card, where you can win cashback from Rs. 10 to 1000.

Some members of my WhatsApp group has earned even Rs. 1000 as cashback.

Click Here to Download CRED App Free

#3. Earn CRED coins to redeem gifts

You would earn CRED coins with each credit card payment. The coins can be used to buy rewards for online & offline shopping.

I will share the details in the later section of the article.

#4. Earn CRED gems on referring your friends

You can redeem CRED gems for gift vouchers from UBER and Amazon.

They will keep adding the options in the future. Currently, you would earn 10 gems per referral and redeem for Rs. 150 Uber. 30 gems can be redeemed for Rs. 750 Amazon voucher.

#5. Free Credit Report & Score

You would be able to see your CIBIL score and credit history free of cost. Currently, the app shows the credit score from Experian and CRIF.

In the detailed credit report, you can see payment history, credit card utilization and age of credit history.

How to make the best use of the CRED app

Installation process

  • Click here to install on iOS or Android
  • You would be approved only if you have a good CIBIL score
  • The application starts with your primary mobile number that is registered with banks
  • Your application may get denied if your mobile number details could not match with CIBIL report or your credit score is not good.

If approved,

  • Start adding your credit card information in the app.
  • CRED is very smart to give you a hint of your credit card numbers. Just fill the missing numbers.
  • The app would validate the credit cards by depositing Rs. 1 into your card (that would appear into your credit card statement)
  • Start paying the bills of your credit cards

If rejected,

  • Change the contact details if you are using multiple mobile numbers for banking
  • Contact their customer support if you believe the information is correct
  • Wait & Apply after a few months if your credit score is low

How to earn & redeem CRED coins

You would earn 1 CRED coin for each rupee payment through the app. If you are paying 5000 rupees for 3 credit cards then you would earn 15,000 CRED coins.

Redeem Option #1

You would also get a chance to earn additional cashback on each payment above 1000 rupees. You can see the option of burning your CRED coins to win upto 1000, 5000 or 10,000 rupees. The options vary as per your payment amount.

Some people have won 1000 rupees in a single chance while I earned max of Rs. 488 in single transaction.

On average, I earn Rs. 30 by using #killthebill mystery reward system.

You can try your luck. It’s pure FREE money that you get just by paying credit card bills. Till date, my cashback is more than 1% from the CRED app.

Redeem Option #2

The second option is redeeming CRED coins for the rewards catalogue that keeps updating with new options every month.

You can pick rewards from companies like

  • Swiggy
  • Yatra
  • EazyDiner
  • The Moms Co
  • Freshmenu
  • Dining club
  • Beardo
  • Bodycraft
  • DocsApp
  • Drivezy
  • Tailorman
  • Flo Mattress
  • Flyrobe
  • Uber Eats

(The list keeps on growing every month)

So far I have claimed 10 rewards by redeeming CRED coins.

  • Swiggy Super for one year
  • Rs. 100 off on 5 meals from Swiggy
  • Rs. 500 products from Moms Co
  • Free gift from Bodycraft
  • Discount on groceries from Grofers
  • Rs. 500 gift from EazyDiner
  • Dineout Gourmet Passport for 3 months
  • 20% off on Zoom Car
  • Rs. 150 off on Uber rides
  • 25% discount on hotels from Yatra

I have more than 1,00,000 CRED coins in my account that I would redeem for new reward options next month.

Two types of rewards

I love the fact that CRED has clearly defined the terms & conditions for reward redemption.

You would find the rewards with “No TnC” label, that means there is no trick. It’s pure money without any condition.

  • Use points to get the reward
  • Check on the details
  • Click on the redemption link
  • And order the products

The second type of rewards have ‘Terms & Conditions’

For example, You can see that Rs. 1500 gift card is ‘valid only on shirts’.

I prefer to use CRED coins for rewards those have ‘No TnC’. You can pick the rewards as per your requirement.

Safety & Privacy Concerns

I am using the app and love the benefits. But there are some concerns that I want to clarify as per the best of my knowledge.

#1. Credit Card Information Safety

CRED app does not save the complete credit card information. You only need to add the credit card number in the app for bill payments. No one can misuse your card without expiry date and cvv.

In my opinion, CRED app seems safe.

#2. Email Access for Statements

CRED app needs to access your email to fetch the details of credit card statements that you receive via emails. CRED claims that they won’t read anything in the emails other than credit card statements.

If you have critical information in your email then don’t give access to CRED app. You would only lose one feature, notifications of the credit card due date and amount.

#3. Failed Payment Refunds

It may happen that payments fail due to technical or banking issues. Your money would be refunded back to your account within 1 to 3 days (or faster).

I have never faced payment failure issue but many community members have faced payment failure/delay with CRED app.

Use at your own risk. CRED is run by credible people so your money would be safe and come back to your account.

It’s an inconvenience that money gets deducted from your saving account and you have to wait for a few days to get that back. My suggestion is that if you have a big amount to pay then pay in small chunks. (maybe in multiple of 10,000 as shown in the snapshot below)

#4. Delayed Payment Credit

Don’t pay the credit card bills on the last day of the due date. Delays may happen in reflecting the payments in your credit card statement. However, I have seen that all the payments made through CRED appeared on the same day in my credit card statement.

To be on the safe side, always pay 2-3 days before the last date of the credit card. My suggestion is to complete the credit card bill payments as soon as you get the salary.


CRED app benefits are over and above the credit card rewards & cashback. There is no reason to miss the extra cashback & rewards that come by just paying the bills through the app.

You are anyways going to use net-banking to pay your credit cards, why not to double the benefits.

I would give 4 out of 5 to CRED app for its beautiful design, ease of payments and value of reward points. 1 point deducted because of delayed/failed payment experience of CashOverflow readers.

You can download and install the app here

52 thoughts on “CRED Review 2021: Get Rewards on Paying Credit Card Bills in India”

  1. Horrible, i have made payment of 2 of my credit card dues but even after 24 hours its not updated in the respective card statement. It only reflects in cred app that the amount is paid but not in the respective bank credit card statement. No customer acre number to enquire where the money has gone. It will impact credit score as well.

  2. I have already auto payment mode on my account so if i want to make payment through cred should i change my auto payment mode in my bank account if no then wht will happnd if i would pay it by cred?

  3. Guys,

    Please don’t trust this app. I made the payment to one of my credit cards and the amount deducted from my account but not credited to my Credit card account. I am unable to track my payment details as they don’t even have customer care support to address such kind of issue.

  4. After reading all the comments about the benefits of using the app and also the problems that people face in paying their credit card payments, I would drop the idea of using CRED. Just for the sake of few bucks, I cannot risk my payments of large amounts and later get frustrated and contact customer care and Twitter etc etc.

      • Pardeep,

        I am using the cred app only for one month 2 payment has been made on time but right now I am facing issue that cred is not paying the money to the bank. I have paid the money 3 day before the due date through cred app using net banking feature . Then why Cred is not paying the money to the bank on time.

    • After reading comments about the problems that people face in paying their credit card payments, I facing same problem my payment was debited form bank, but CRED not credited my payment to credit card. I also email this issue to CRED email id – support But CRED not reply my mail. CRED not issue any customer Helpline/ Care number for customer. Any one know how to contact CRED Team for this problem and any one have CRED helpline number.

  5. On 24.05.2019 amount of Rs.18,477.00 has been debited from my Bank account & not credited to My HDFC Credit cad account.

    Till date I have not received back my amount neither to my bank account nor to my card account till time.

    Kindly reply.

  6. I have contacted the customer support to Opt out from this app, initially they contacted, but no response after, even they are not responding to the queries, poor customer service and responsibility

  7. The support service is very poor. No response at all and there is no Customer support number it looks app only controlling all and if any support required it on GOD grace.

    • You can write an email to

      Or better to connect with them over Twitter at
      They are pretty active in providing support through twitter.

  8. Hi,
    I have done payment of Rs.5000 on 08-May-2019 amount debited from my bank account but not credited to credit card and status showing failed but still no refund update came from your end.
    So do it needfully.

  9. HI ,
    I had paid my credit card bill for Rs 20k on 1 may thr CRED
    but no amount is reflecting as a credit in my Statement.
    Plz help in same.

  10. I wonder how they’re able to pull the credit card statement from our email which are password protected. Cred need to open the statement to view the outstanding. But, we don’t share our passwords to them though.

    • they probably have your PAN and DOB from CIBIL etc. and probably have a list of which bank uses which password format etc.

      I’d do it that way.

  11. CRED is fraud. They steal your personal information by accessing your emails and other info. They share these details to third party for money. This is the only way they can earn money. A small portion of money is shared to customer via voucher. This is just an eye wash to attract more Customers.

      • Sir, I am using cred for last 2 months for payment of my credit cards.. last week I made payments and two of them failed to proceed but deducted from my account. From that point I have requested using app for confirmation of payment because my bank has already confirmed me that amounts have been deducted from their end… Please guide me how I will get my money back… Please…

    • See here what I did
      First I gave my personal mail ID to CRED, they automatically read my statement, even password protected statement to show due amount and due date.
      Later I removed that mail ID, I opened extra email ID and registered on CRED app. Whenever I get statement on my personal email ID, I just forward that mail only to my new email which was registered with CRED app. So they can’t hack or read my any other mails. This idea works well, try it

  12. Hi,
    thanks for sharing. i use the auto debit facility to pay my bills. The bank automatically deducts the amount due on the due date. will i have to change that setting with the bank first, if i sign up for payment via Cred?
    Can payments be made regularly throughout the month in parts?


  13. I am thinking to use the application, but before using it, i have some doubts and clarifications required. Can you clarify it?

    – What is the authenticity of application developer, as we are linking the credit card credentials along with bank accounts
    – In case if they misuse the credentials for their own benefit
    – What is the benefit to CRED while we are paying the same amount to the bills which has been issued to us by Credit Card Company.

    I am in a big doubt why developer company named Dreamplug Technologies Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 19 April 2018. It is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Mumbai. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 150,000,000 and its paid up capital is Rs. 98,425,400. It is inolved in Other service activities.

    How can i believe that it is genuine benefit provider.

    • Gunjan,

      They won’t take any credentials of your credit card or banking. You need to add credit card number, similar to filling up the deposit form in bank if you have to pay credit card bill by Cash.

      They can’t misuse the information because they are collecting only the number (not cvv or expiry date).

      The founder of CRED is Kunal Shah (who founded FreeCharge), You can take your decision if you want to trust his company or developers. Trust is subjective things and we all have to make our personal choice.

      The benefits of CRED have been described in the article.. let me know if you have any specific question about the benefit.

      • If they cannot facilitate a100% guaranteed transaction the only service they promote to provide how would any customer believe their business. They should be able to provide a garunteed service when it comes to financial transactions or if fail a stipulated time frame to refund which any other financial system does. Not only for Mr. Pardeep but for every other person. So then a trust develop else its a building block for a possible scam in future. Why would someone look oh they are active on only twitter so lets ping there, but not on email.These are lame excuses to believe. They need to have some SOP and not to simply put adds to lure public on every platform.

      • Sir, is there any contact number or mail I’d where I can share my issue.. I have made two payments of 1k+1k, bank has confirmed me that payments have been deducted but it’s showing the failed status in cred.. please guide me how to deal with this.

    • Which debit card do you use? I did not earn single reward point on ICICI Bank Coral debit card. I am waiting for more than two months to see my reward points. I think ICICI Bank pays no rewards. But I am sure SBI gives reward points for CRED payments


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