Paytm Launches Paytm First Ever Credit Card Review

Paytm has tied up with Citibank to launch Paytm First Ever credit card.

Paytm has followed the same strategy as other big brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ola have done to launch a co-branded credit card.

I will update my list of best credit cards in India 2021 if Paytm First Ever credit card would deserve to be in the list.

The Paytm First Ever credit card has targeted the masses to enter into the world of credit cards. Paytm launches the credit card as a beginner credit card with a low annual fee.

Paytm First Ever Credit Card Fee

Annual fee – Rs 500

You would get the annual fee waiver on spending 50,000 in a year

Reward Points

You will get direct 1% cashback on all your spends irrespective to category specific. One other benefit is, there is no upper cap on reward points earning.

I like this simple and straight reward program by Paytm.

Reward Point Redemption 

The reward points will be auto-credited every month in credit card statement. So you wouldn’t need to redeem the reward points for unwanted products.

Even you don’t need to wait for the minimum reward threshold for redemption.

Benefits of auto credited

  • Statement credit gives the best reward value
  • You don’t need to collect minimum reward points like minimum 1000 reward points
  • No reward redemption fee.

Other Benefits

You will get Paytm promo codes worth Rs. 10,000 on spending a minimum of Rs. 10,000 in the first 4 months. The promo codes would be for movie tickets, bill payments, mobile recharge and travel promo code.

You can check the transaction details on Paytm passbook in your Paytm account. You will also get the highlight for exclusive offers from both Paytm and Citi on a real-time basis.

What I like About Paytm Credit Card

  • 1% direct saving, better than other beginner level credit cards
  • Simple & straight reward redemption process
  • No maximum cap on reward points
  • Self-employed would be able to get a Citi card

What We Didn’t Like

  • No extra benefit on Paytm spends
  • You can’t apply for the card directly

How to Apply for Paytm Credit Card

Paytm and CitiBank built a selection tool to assess the creditworthiness of the account holders. The tools provide an innovative alternative to enable customers to own a credit card without requiring a prior credit history.

So, if you don’t have a credit history, even though you can get the Paytm First Ever credit card

Initially, the card would be provided on an invite-only basis. So, if get the invite in your Paytm account only then you can apply for the card.

Maybe in future Paytm and Citibank open the application for everyone.


As I have mentioned in the starting of the article the card is for the masses not for the premium cardholders. Persons who are new to the credit cards would get the maximum benefits.

If I miss any information about Paytm first ever credit card, let me know in the comments.

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