American Express Gold Card Review 2021

Amex does not offer any card without annual fees. I heard that American Express does not waive off annual charges but I got my annual fees waived off this year.

I will tell you the whole story, just go through the benefits first. I got my Amex gold card last year and I am reaping a lot of benefits.

American Express Gold Credit Card Review

Hacks I used to make the most out of this card

Like you, I also thought that American Express Credit Cards are very costly in India. No one wants to sign up for credit cards with annual fees. 

But I was missing one important thing. I did not compare annual fees with the benefits of the card. 

Amex Gold card gives 1000 bonus points for using card four times in a month with transactions of at least 1000 rupees.

That was the single biggest reason I signed up for Amex Gold Credit Card. 1000 bonus points are worth Rs.250 if used to pay the credit card bill.

The same 1000 bonus points are worth Rs. 400 if used to redeem Indigo Airline Vouchers.

I just have to spend 4000 rupees in a month in four transactions.

American Express Gold Card Rewards

There was a solid plan in my mind.

I use paytm and amazon for most of my online shopping and paying bills. It’s easy to load the money in paytm wallet and amazon gift card balance.

I loaded 1000 rupees 6 times every month, either in paytm or amazon to qualify for 1000 bonus points.

Then, I can use the card for additional benefits throughout the month without losing my chance of earning bonus points.

See how much I can save overall by loading Rs. 6000 every month in e-wallets like Paytm / Freecharge / or Mobikwik. 

  • Loaded 6000 rupees in paytm wallet – 1000 bonus points + 80 regular points
  • Spending 1000 rupees in a month on fuel on HP using paytm
  • Paying bills of mobile & D2H (1000-1500) 
  • Buying clothes & household stuff through paytm wallet (2000-2500)
  • Depending on current deals and offers I make 500 to 1000 cashback

In any case, I have to fill the diesel in car, pay my bills and buy stuff online. The above system gives me free money upto 1000 with 6000 loaded in my online wallet.

American Express Gold Card Benefits in India

It has no preset limit. American Express Gold is a charge card which means you have to pay the amount in full every month. Best for people like me who do not carry any balance to avoid interest charges.

You will get benefits from MakeMyTrip. I have not availed any benefit yet so can not tell you how worthy these are.

Discounts on restaurants partners (Don’t think it’s much worthy, never tried that, let me know if any of you have experience)

American Express is known for it’s best customer service and protection against fraud transactions.

I got reversal of the annual fees charges (Rs. 45000+tax) as well as I redeemed 24,000 points for Rs. 11,000 Amazon Shopping Credit.

Plus, you can earn one time 1000 bonus points on setting up a standing instruction. Check the details on the below link.

Click Here to Apply for American Express Gold Card

Drawbacks of Amex Gold Card

It is not accepted at all shopping places. That is the reason I use Amex for online transactions (for safety from fraud transactions and consistent bonus points).

For offline shopping, I prefer to use my favourite Standard Chartered Manhattan card.

American Express Gold Card Annual Fees

The card comes at first-year fees of 1000 rupees. Amex provides you 4000 bonus reward points for using card three times within 60 days of approval.

In this way, your first-year fee gets recovered.

Next year, you will get 5000 reward points for renewing the card.

I am not sure if I will renew my Amex Gold Card next year or not. I will talk to the customer care team if they can waive off annual charges or upgrade my Gold Card to Platinum Travel Card. I will share my experience with you.

– > Here is the Link for Gold Card Application

Moreover, the bonus points are huge at present.

Plus the regular benefits and reward points are worth to stop by.

If you think that Amex is not a good card for you, then select one of the cards from my list of Best Credit Cards in India

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  1. Hello Mr. Pardeep
    Please do a detailed review of American Express Membership Rewards credit card, and how it can be utilised for maximum benefit.

  2. Hi Pradeep,

    Recently, i have received Amex Gold credit card…i want to know benefits like flight tickets, movie , hotels, restaurant …

  3. hi friends
    my name is arjun from kerala…. recently i got amex gold credit card… so please tell me how to check credit limit of my card

  4. How did you check the points per transaction?
    I checked website and android app but couldn’t see the option to see reward points per transaction.
    Can you please point me to the link?

  5. Thanks Pradeepji for sharing ways to leverage AMEX card. I just got it approved. I have could of queries.
    1. If AMEX is accepted at HPCL, why do you need to load amount into Paytm and then pay. Any difference in cashback or reward points? If I understand correctly AMEX won’t give you reward points at HPCL.
    2. If AMEX is accepted at Amazon, why do you need to load amount into Paytm or Amazon pay and then pay. Any difference in cashback or reward points?
    Please advise.

  6. Hey guys, I have read the benefits of AMEX Gold card. But it is beneficial for 1st year when the annual fee is only Rs. 1000/- From next year onwards, they charge Rs. 4500/- towards annual fee. If someone would still like to go for an AMEX card without paying such an hefty free, I would recommend- ICICI Bank HPCL Coral American Express Credit Card. It has most benefits and an annual fee of Rs. 199/- and spend ₹ 50,000 or more annually on your Card and get reverse your Annual Fee (₹ 199) for that year.
    Check this out.

    Rohit Bahl

    • ICICI Coral card is no match with Amex Gold. Don’t look at the annual fees but look at the benefits that you get with the card.

      I have redeemed Amex Gold points with Rs. 22,000 worth Amazon vouchers in 2017. ROI is much much better if you use Amex Gold card regularly.

      ICICI Coral card does not give you great benefits.

  7. hi, I’m holding HDFC REALIA FIRST and PRIME SBI credit card. I wanted to know whether should I go for ‘Jet Airways American Express® Platinum Credit Card’ or ‘American Express® Platinum Travel Credit Card’? Actually, I want such a credit card which points I can redeem or use for travelling purpose. Thank-you.

  8. Did they also offer you 5000 membership points with free renewal of card ? I called them up and they offered me 50% fee waiver + 5000 points that one otherwise gets on full payment of renewal fees. I have a very good spending of over 7 Lakhs but still I couldn’t persuade them to waive off my entire fees.

  9. Thanks, Pardeep and all participants in the group who took time to provide their genuine feedback, elaborating how to make the most of Amex card which helped me in analysing and making the most of the card.

    Card owned : Amex Charge Card

    Optional : 1k gets added in bill with 4k Welcome reward points(opted this if targeting for 18k milestone) or free 1st year membership.

    1. Supplementary card (2 free) : 1k reward points each (This offer running was running in Nov 2017 will take 60 days for reflecting this points in my account) {RP = 2K}
    2. Try luck on airport lounge some may charge nominal fee of Rs. 2 or Rs. 1750 you can check at the kiosk desk after swiping and entering the pin. (HDFC cashback credit card and Citi bank Reward card didn’t work).
    3. Welcome offer – 4k reward points on 1st three transactions. {RP = 4k}
    4. Earn 1k reward points every calendar month on transaction of 1k each for 4 times in a month. (Recharge Paytm, Amazon Pay – Pay electricity, Lic premium, HP Petrol pump, online shopping) {RP = 12k}
    5. HP Petrol pump – Paytm or Amex card – 0.75% cashback + No surcharge.
    6. Also create ezeclick Id and use for additional 5RP.
    7. Haven’t tried at shopping mart but as per customer care they have tied up with most of the major restaurants and shopping mart (Dmart, BigBazaar etc.)
    8. Do discuss your problem with customer care they may even add the vendor or merchant or restaurant that you visit often and tie up with them if they haven’t .
    9. Do check out for offers on :
    10. Please check other online portals for flight booking for better deals don’t solely rely on Make my trip portal.

    Ideally, within 1 year I should be able to encash 18k reward points for Rs. 7.5k or other better benefit.

  10. Hi!
    I am an Amex Gold Charge Card customer for last 3 years and i am getting full rewards points due to high volume of transactions. Now they offering me Platinum charge card with a confidence that i will get Amex Black Card invitation within six months. So i request you to suggest me to get an addition Platinum Charge Card having Gold Charge Card and MMT Amex Card as it is. Of course they will charge me Rs. 50000/- joining fees but card features are awesome. Please suggest.

  11. Is there any way I can get the gold charge card if I don’t live in a metro anymore
    I can still spend a decent amount online once I have the card
    I prefer using debit cards and even when I do use credit card I pay my bill on time in full every month
    so the concept of a charge card with no preset limit feels like the best of both worlds

    is there any way for me to contact Amex directly for this
    they have all sorts of promotions going on in metro handing out cards
    I do make and spend 6 lpa + in a year

  12. I have surprise listing for all online shoppers who love to use amex gold card on various shopping portal. This is very simple method and u just have to take care of little things starting with.
    Amex has collobrate with payback for 5x rewards point with online shopping. Just start with & choose ur online shopping portal to shop with. Now u have to put ur ezeclick id to go through ur online purchase site. Wola that’s it. Now whatever u spent there on online purchase is liable for extra 5x rewards point. This extra rewards point show in ur account after 120 days of ur shopping.
    So keep shopping this way and enjoy with ur rewards point.

  13. I got fees waived off every year since last 4 years. they need yearly spend of 2.8L to give full waiver and 1.8L for half waiver.

    Once i was short of 60000 to get full waiver, they offered me following options:-
    1. Go for half waiver on annual fees.
    2. If i wish to cancel my credit card, they will reverse annual fees and cancel the card.
    3. 3 months grace period to complete 60000 to get full wavier
    4. Even if i want to cancel card after 3months of grace period, they wont charge annual fees or i may choose to continue with half waiver.

  14. I have a SBI signature card that has annual fees of 5k but I get 5k welcome gift plus I get 500 Rs book my show vouchers every month, amounting to 6k a year. Lastly, I get around 35-40k reward points amounting to 8-10k every year as I typically spend 3.5-4 lacs a year.
    Is there any other card that can give me better benefits?

  15. Amex waived off complete amount along with service charges this month.. by considering my card transactions and payment history. Since it is charge card it has less credit limit.. i am planning to cancel this card and looking for a card which gives me more credit limit.

  16. Can your share how you to reach 18k milestone? each step by step. ? i saw about 1000 points *12 =12000 points.
    remaining 6k points how much we need to spend to reach 6k?

    Reply ↓

    • Way to reach 18k points easily

      4000 welcome bonus points
      12000 bonus points on making 6 transactions of ₹1,000 each per month
      1440 points earn by making 6 transactions of ₹1,000 each per month
      1000 points on giving standing instructions

  17. Can your share how you to reach 18k milestone? each step by step. ? i saw about 1000 points *12 =12000 points.
    remaining 6k points how much we need to spend to reach 6k?

  18. I started using amex gold CC from yesterday. I have done 2000,3000,1000 on payment and 5000 at Lifestyle. HOW MANY POINTS WILL I GET
    . I heard yesterday that amex gives 20 points upon 100,rs spend at lifestyle/big bazar/dominos/Mc Donald’s.

  19. Pradeep,

    Waiver of fees doesn’t really matter. Amex didn’t waived my fee for the second year.

    All I did was redeem 18k points for Rs.7,500 and the remaining points @ 0.25 paisa and closed the card. And then again reapplied for the card which was approved.

    Also, can you let us know other ways of earning points apart from regular spending, bonus points on 4 transaction of Rs.1,000 and giving 1 standing instruction for one time extra bonus points of 1000.

  20. Hi Pardeep,

    Currently Slonkit and Udio is giving a physical card for their mobile wallets, but they don’t accept AMEX cards.

    If we can generate a VCC (Virtual Credit Card- Mastercard or VISA) through any mobile wallets like Freecharge/Mobikwik, we can use that VCC card to load the Slonkit/Udio wallet.

    In this way, we can convert the AMEX credit to VISA physical card. We can use these VISA physical card issued by Slonkit/Udio to shop anywhere without the restriction of Rs.1000 and above transactions for valid AMEX reward points. (We can get rid off the AMEX acceptance problem at the outlets too)

    Currently, Freecharge is not supporting this feature. Is there any wallet which accetps AMEX and allows to create VCC?

  21. Hi Pardeep,

    Yo have mentioned that ‘American Express Membership Rewards® Credit Card’ is a “charge card”. The name of the card itself suggests otherwise. Can you please provide some info regarding this discrepancy? Is it mentioned anywhere that its a charge card? I am about to receive my AmEx card.


    • Upayan, Amex offers two varients in gold card. One is charge card and other is credit card. You will get whichever variant you have applied for.

      I own Amex Charge Card, which means that I can not carry over the pending payments and have to pay all amount before due date.

      Amex offered me free of charge credit card version for Gold, but I politely rejected because there is no differnece in terms of benefits.

      If you don’t want to carry forward the balance, then no difference.

  22. HI pradeep,

    I am using the amex platinum card with the same benefits described above.i just wanted to know that
    Whats the status of the waiver of 2nd year fees amex?
    Secondly, suppose i spend more than 1000 rupees 8 times a month, do i eligible to get the 1000 reward points twice in a month?


  23. I have
    1) ” AmEx membership rewards card”( similar features as AmEx gold)
    2) HDFC Regalia First.

    Which card should i be using more frequently and where to use them to get maximum cashback/Rewards? Please suggest.

    And will i get 1000 reward points in AmEx if i use the card to pay balance of other credit cards?

    Your other article ” 11 Best Credit Cards In India 2017 Review” is the first best article which gave me excellent picture about credit cards, their benefits and how to apply/use them.

    Thank you Pradeep.

  24. I am using this card for 3 years now. If you spend around 2-2.5 lakhs they will waive off your annual charges. For last 2 years they are running bookmyshow voucher around summer time for 3-4 months, if you make Rs 1000 * 8 transactions in one calendar month. Voucher worth is Rs 1000 and can be used for movie booking for 2. They have one of the best customer care. When you have any issue or concern you will feel like they are ready to help. I have many credit cards. But first choice is Amex of course. You can redeem 18000 or 24000 rewards points for Rs 7500 or Rs 10000 credit in your statement from gold collection.

  25. Re: Your query on getting restaurant discounts with Amex.
    I recently booked a 20 pax buffet at the Radisson Blu in Ghaziabad. As soon as they saw my Amex card (Platinum Travel) they gave me a discount of 20% even without my asking for it, despite the fact that the bill was made. A pleasant surprise which saved me 5000 rupees 🙂
    With my Citibank card (Premiermiles) I always need to specifically ask restaurants if they are Citibank partners, and at most places I have had to insist to get it. So the Amex experience definitely better than Citibank as far as restaurants are concerned.
    Also, getting to customer care is so much easier with Amex than Citi.

  26. Hi Pardeep,
    Compare to “The American Express® Gold Card”, “The American Express Membership Rewards® Credit Card” also almost looks very same benefit so can you suggest which one is better if i want to take it immediately?

    PS: I did not get reply for some of my queries in other thread in “Cashoverflow”, hopefully i will get for this question 🙂 Fingers crossed 😀

      • Hello Pradeep,

        I m doing the exact same thing that u are doing with this card. Use it for Amazon & Paytm for 4000 ruppes and then use amazon & paytm for additional offers.
        I got this card in July 2016, so I m also thinking whether they will waive off the annual fees or not. But One thing I came across from different users is that they will not give u 5000/- bonus points on renewal if the annual fees is waived off. In any case, fee waiver is much more beneficial.

  27. Hi Pardeep,

    Thanks for the information.
    I have a query related to number of credit cards one can hold/use at a time when all the dues are paid on time? I already have 3 credit cards, and thinking to go for AMex GOld as the offer is little tempting. How good is the decision?
    Please share your valuable suggestions.


      • Hi Pardeep,

        Currently I have CITI Bank Platinum rewards card, HDFC Platinum and SBI Gold Card. Is it worth going for AMEX on the top of these available cards?

        I would like to use AMEX for all online payments as they have good cash back offer. Can you please advice on this.

        • HDFC Platinum is not a useful card of you already have Citi Platinum.

          I would suggest you to get upgrade on HDFC card. Apply for Amex Gold only if you want to use for online transactions – get 1000 bonus points every month with 4 transactions.


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