Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card Review 2021

I applied for this card to get 5% cashback on groceries. SC Manhattan is probably the only card which gives cashback on shopping on groceries in superstores like Big Bazaar, Reliance, Easyday, and More.

I am using Standard Chartered Manhattan card and I am in absolute love with it.

Why am I reviewing Manhattan card?

I applied for this card to get 5% cashback on groceries. SC Manhattan is probably the only card that gives cashback on shopping on groceries in superstores like Big Bazaar, Reliance, Easyday, and More.

With continuous usage of standard chartered manhattan card payment, I observed that it is the best credit card for cashback in India. There are other cards which offer benefits on travel, lifestyle and foreign transactions but Standard Chartered Manhattan card have a better reward redeem ratio.

I use Manhattan card for the following purpose

  • Shopping in supermarkets
  • Online shopping on e-commerce websites like flipkart and amazon
  • Dining and Restaurants
  • Hotels and Travel

You got it right! I use Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card for virtually every type of shopping.


Watch Complete Standard Chartered Manhattan credit card review Video (Hindi) 

Benefits of Manhattan Credit Card for Indian Citizens

You might be wondering why I spend so much money through a single credit card.

Most of the credit card companies play a game of reward points. They offer reward points per 100 rupees but often the redemption value of rewards is very low.

Here is what standard chartered credit card points look like,

I get 3 reward points for every 150 rupees spend. Every reward point is worth 25 paise when I redeem.

Let’s do a simple math,

  • I spend about 150,000 rupees on this card
  • I receive (150,000/150)*3 = 3000 points
  • The reward points worth Rs 750

In addition, If I spend about 10000 rupees every month on groceries and receive cashback of Rs. 500.

A total saving of = (12*500)+750 = 6750

Apply for a Manhattan card by clicking here

Conditions for 5% cashback in supermarket and departmental store

  • Minimum transaction should be 1000 rupees (It’s not a big amount if you are buying from supermarket)
  • Maximum cashback of 150 per transaction (Don’t spend more than 3000 per transaction. Make two bills if you are spending more than 3000 in a single day)
  • Maximum cashback of 500 per month ( Spend maximum of 10,000 per month on groceries through supermarkets)

Note: My actual annual cashback varies because of fluctuations in my monthly expenses on a credit card.

Fees and Charges of Manhattan Card

Annual Fees – The card comes with joining fees of 499 and annual fees of 999.

The fee is nothing in front of benefits. They do not write on their website but in most of the cases they waive off joining fees and first year charges.

Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card Annual Fee Waiver

You will get the annual fee waiver on spending Rs 1,20,000 in the year.

I get the sc manhattan credit card for lifetime free by talking with SC customer representative on the phone by paying a one time fee of Rs 1500.

You can try to convert the card into lifetime free on the second.

First-year, you will get a free bookmyshow voucher worth Rs 2000.

Eligibility to Apply for SC Manhattan Credit Card

You must have a stable source of income to get any credit card.

Banks don’t write the exact eligibility criteria on their website but Standard Chartered Bank looks for people in age group 25 to 65 who have at least 6,00,000 annual income and resides in big cities. (I am passionate about credit cards and found this information from a true source)

It’s difficult to get your card approved if you are not a salaried employee. They prefer employees over business owners to mitigate credit risk.

You must have good credit score and excellent credit history. You can read how I improved my Credit History.

Some hacks even if you are not eligible

It’s always difficult to get a credit card for freelancers, small business owners, housewives and people with a low salary.

There are few other ways to get your Standard Chartered Manhattan credit card even if you are not eligible.

  • Apply card based on your other bank credit card. If you do not own any credit card then apply for ICICI or HDFC credit card with the help of Fixed Deposit.
  • Apply card based on your life insurance.
  • If you are frequent traveler through Emirates Airlines
  • If you are holding any loan from Standard Chartered Bank

3 Step Instant Approval Application Procedure

When you click on this application link, you will see the following screen.

Fill up your name, city, date of birth, source of income, monthly salary, email and correct phone number. (Fill your salary at least 50,000 even if your salary is slightly less than 50K. You can explain it later when you receive verification call or at the time of document collection)

You will receive OTP on your mobile that you have to verify to complete the application procedure.

You must fill up your PAN card number in the application along with other mandatory details.

You will receive your application number on submission of the form.

Keep your documents ready for quick application approval.

Final words before your apply for SC Manhattan Card

You never know when you can get your card approved. Sometimes banks need to increase their credit card customer base and they relax their approval criteria. This review comes directly from my experience.

If you are also loving the benefits, you can easily apply for a Manhattan card

Let me know in comments if my review helped you or you may have any further questions!

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  1. I applied for this credit card and it has gotten approved but my credit limit is less than my monthly salary. I am super confused as to what it has been calculated on the basis of. My credit score is also fine and my other two credit cards both have a much higher limit, more than twice this amount.

  2. Can i redeem Amazon voucher by using my rwears points?
    I could not see the option in the portal.
    In your explanation. It is mentioned that we can redeem Amazon voucher, please clarify

  3. I do not agree with this article. I can prove that there are various other cards which gives you lot better cashbacks or rewards.

    1. Kotak PVR card – you make transaction of 10,000 p.m & you get two PVR movie tickets worth 400 per ticket (which means 800 worth ticket) cashback value comes to 8%. However there are no reward points,
    – Maximum Swipe anywhere should be upto Rs. 10,000 only

    2. Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Card – 5% cash backs on utility bills, fuel bills. You get reward points as well.
    – Maximum cashback p.m is 500, hence maximum swipe should be Rs.7,500 p.m.

    3. Kotak Feast Card – You get cashbacks of 10% for restaurant bills & movie bills, cashback max upto 600 p.m. This is best card for one who eats out frequently.
    – Maximum swipe should be Rs.6000 on movies & restaurants

    Add these cards into your kitty, your cashback value is much more then any other cards (minimum 5% to 10%).

  4. Hi Pradeep, I am working with a asset management company. My salary is 53k in hand per month. Let me give you a brief overview of my spending pattern. I spend a lot on food, mostly on restaurants. It’s like I go out every weekend and spend atleast 1500-2500 easily. Also I spend on fast food items like subway, taco bell, McD. Next I spend a lot from online purchasing as well, with Amazon and Nykka(my sister spends on nykka). Groceries and other stuff I don’t pay for that in my house but considering your advise on SC Manhattan card I believe I could consider it given the benefits. The reason I said I’ll spend around 2 lakh is because I already have 8 pm EMI Going through Icici debit EMI scheme which will be around 1 lakh for the year and rest of it I save. So yeah one more thing to add, I was thinking of a card so as of now sbi simply click for online but could you help me for my spending on restaurants? Also, which of the cards have most frequent no cost EMI schemes? As I spend a lot shopping online through Amazon, i currently spend it through debit EMI (no cost) but I’d like to shift my expense on a credit card given the benefits. Sorry for the long story, can you please help?

  5. Hi ,

    I have used Manhattan card for the 2 years with heavy spending. I have closed based on the below points :-
    1. Poor Customer Service ( Usual wait time is 15 min )
    2. Earlier there was no intimation for SMS. After multiple complaints, SMS alert were being sent. But only once when statement were generated.
    3. this is main reason – No benefit on online shopping, No cashback ( near 90% time),


  6. I am from Kerala. Now working at Guwahati Assam. I travel once in two months via flight. Fly economy.
    Spend around 750000_100000 a year for air travel. Will it be beneficial for me to get any travel credit card. I don’t generally book hotels.
    Kindly advise

  7. I have just started my job with one of the largest company in the country. My salary is around 30000/- and my age is 23. Please suggest me a credit card with low charges. This will be my first credit card and i have no credit history.


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